Business & Management Traineeships

Business, management and customer service skills are essential for all industries. We understand the unique needs of the mining, construction and transport industries, and ensure our business and management trainees have what it takes to perform at a high level in these industries.

How To Enrol

Please phone our office on 1300 790 822 to discuss your Licensing and training requirements or enquire online


Major Training & Recruitment delivers training to business through a variety of training packages. Major provide training solutions for all levels of a business from customer contact through to management qualifications ranging from certificate III to diploma level.

Training packages available to business community have been developed closely with industry to ensure they are relevant to job descriptions. As can be seen below, Major offer a large variety of business qualifications that extend across most areas of a business. The training recognizes the employees experience whilst taking his or her skills to a higher level.

It provides cost-effective training with limited downtime, 24/7 on the job training and assessments.

Statistics and feedback prove that companies experience improved productivity, increased employee retention, less industrial relations issues, Occupational Health and Safety awareness resulting in less WorkCover claims, improved customer awareness, developed relationships and more importantly, higher morale and self-esteem in its employees.

Employers have an obligation to ensure his/her employees are suitably qualified and are kept abreast of trends, training needs and improvements within the industry and this training package provides the SOLUTION.

As the world we live in develops, we find it more and more necessary that those already employed, require qualifications to gain the promotion and those seeking employment need minimum qualifications to be accepted.

Major trainers are qualified and have vast industry experience.

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  • State & Federal Government funding and incentives may be available to suitable employers and students. For more information contact Major or an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC).

    • Certificate III in Customer Contact
    • Certificate III in Business Administration
    • Certificate IV in Business Administration
    • Certificate IV in Business Sales
    • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
    • Certificate IV in Legal Services *
    • Diploma of Legal Services *
    • Diploma of Management )

    * Delivered in partnership with Queensland Law Society

  • Timeframe:
  • All Business Traineeships are a 24 month training contract.

  • Our Trainers come to you on your worksite in your time to have less down-time for staff.


What is Recognition of Prior Learning? Click Here

A common definition for the recognition of prior learning is:

“the acknowledgment of the full range of an individual’s skills and knowledge irrespective of how it has been acquired”

This means that you may be able to receive recognition for competencies or prior learning previously acquired, regardless of where or how you acquired them.

For example, you may have completed a formal course at a college or university, or you may have acquired them through on-the-job training or even through some hobbies or community work in which you have been engaged.

How Can RPL Benefit The Trainee?

You may be able to shorten your course, or substitute the learning of new or more advanced skills for those skills you have already mastered. It also means that you do not have to waste time repeating the learning of skills that you already have.

Important Information

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