Founded in 1998 in acknowledgement of the growing demand for skilled people within Queensland’s workforces, Major Training Group is a leading RTO based in South-East Queensland.

Specialising in the Construction, Mining and Transport Industries we have local, regional, national & international clients. Major lives up to its vision to be a trusted industry leader demonstrated by its continued commitment to training by evolving, engaging and maintaining our integrity.

Our business is a family business with a team of over 80 people that share our vision for quality training that leaves clients with a positive experience.  Our consultative approach to client’s best interest has seen the development of a course advisor team to give students the best options help advance their construction careers.

Major is a proud RTO (#6139) who’s full scope has evolved with the needs of the Industry.  Major has a suite of services that complement the requirements of our clients including Truck Licensing, High Risk Licensing, Plant Operations, Qualifications & Apprenticeships that deliver comprehensive real-world training.

With four sites across Queensland (three in South-East Queensland and one in Far North Queensland), Major Training is committed to real word experiences and validation of this is their continuous investment to ensure training environments & student experiences are enhanced by the use of modern fleets, simulated worksites and Industry experienced trainers.

Major is driven by our commitment to deliver relevant, compliant, quality training to both new and existing workers as well as career seekers and as such our mantra is to ‘be moral, be proud and be remembered’. We focus heavily on quality and compliance based training matched with innovative thinking and a client-centric approach led by our managers ‘Make it Happen’ attitude.

Part of Majors success and the success of our students is that we understand the path a student takes to get to us and the importance of their training cycle. We are an all-inclusive RTO that encourages and supports people from all walks of life including indigenous, women, youth, refugees & the disadvantaged.

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