RIIWHS205D Control Traffic with Stop Slow Bat

Enhance your skills with a qualification from Major Training Group. Learn safe and responsible traffic control procedures and become an accredited Traffic Controller with Major Training Group. Our knowledgeable team delivers exceptional quality training in on-site traffic control set-up and procedures.

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Our traffic controller training is available across QLD with options to complete the course in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.



To be accredited as a traffic controller in Queensland, the person must complete a Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Approved Traffic Controller Training Course. Major Training group is an approved TMR registered training organisation (RTO)

The course comprises the national competency unit RIIWHS205D Control traffic with a stop-slow bat, and content from the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme Approved Procedure (TCASAP). The course must be completed in the 12 month period prior to the accreditation application being lodged with TMR

More information can be found http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/business-industry/Accreditations/Traffic-Controller-Accreditation-Scheme.aspx



This course is delivered in our or your classroom using TMR approved training resources, and includes a simulated practical exercise conducted in a controlled environment. It is expected that the course would be delivered to new industry entrants in 8 hours (nominal) it is expected that the refresher course would be delivered in 4 hours (nominal). This timeframe may be extended if additional training needs are identified during the course.

Knowledge & Skills learnt include site traffic plan procedures, following work instructions, tools and equipment, traffic signs and barrier placement, traffic direction, using hand held stop/slow bats, hand signals, reporting traffic offenders, operation of communication devices and cleaning up the site

The course is delivered in the context of traffic controlling on Queensland roads taking into account the requirements of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme (TCAS).


New industry entrants must complete a minimum of 20 hours of practical experience at a roadwork site under the direct supervision of an experienced accredited traffic controller.

The trainee’s experience includes a range of practical activities as specified by the RTO including a significant period of STOP/SLOW traffic control activity under close supervision. This supervision must be conducted strictly in accordance with the criteria outlined in the TCASAP and in the experience logbook issued by the RTO. We will work with you to ensure access to a suitable roadwork site and that all appropriate arrangements are in place prior to the course commencement


  • Traffic Controller Full Course includes:
    • One-day classroom course (8 hours)
    • Department of Transport and Main Roads: manual of uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD)
    • Observations and successful achievement in the written and practical assessments during the in-house component of the course.
    • Completion of a logbook to the satisfaction of the RTO – logging a minimum of 20 hours supervised experience as a trainee at roadwork sites.
    •  Successful on-site assessment by the RTO confirming the competence of trainee in a road-works environment.
    • At the completion of the course – parts one and two for new industry entrants – a Statement of Attainment will be issued.
  • Traffic Control Renewal Course includes:
    • Half day classroom course (4 Hours)
    • To remain current, accredited traffic controllers must remain familiar with the TCASAP, relevant parts of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and any relevant changes to road rules
    • Observations and successful achievement in the written and practical assessments
    • At the completion of the course – part one for renewing traffic controllers – a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

Pre-Course Requirements

  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Construction Industry ‘White Card’
  • Own means of transport – Placement may involve travel to work sites in the greater Brisbane/ Gold Coast region


  • Be able to read and write basic English (Workplace Health and Safety requirement)
  • Complete a language, literacy & numeracy assessment (LLN)
  • Minimum 18 years of age (Workplace Health and Safety requirement)
  • Provide two forms of identification
  • Wear steel capped or safety boots during training; sun protection – Hat, long sleeved shirt and pants are also recommended

Application for Accreditation

To apply for a new Traffic Controller accreditation, applicants have the option to lodge an application in person at a TMR Customer Service Centre or online at: How to become a Traffic Controller

  • In person: (new applications & renewals)

    Complete the Traffic Controller Accreditation Application form (F4115) and lodge the application at a TMR customer service centre and pay the appropriate fee.
    You will be required to present evidence of identity documentation when you attend the customer service centre to lodge your application.

  • Online: (new applications only)

    Applicants who have had a digital photo image taken by TMR for a product such as a Queensland driver licence or another industry authority, will be able to use the online service which are subject to authentication questions. Applicants will be required to upload relevant documentation to support their application (such as their course certificate) and pay the traffic controller accreditation fee by credit card.

A customer will not be able to apply online for a Traffic Controller Accreditation application if they:
• Have not had a digital photo image taken by TMR for a Queensland driver licence or another industry authority product
• Already hold a Traffic Controller accreditation (renewal applications cannot be accepted via the online service)
• Already have a Traffic Controller accreditation application in the system waiting to be processed / finalised
• Have not held an open or provisional Queensland, interstate or foreign license for a continuous 12-month period in the last 5 years
• Are not an individual (organisations are not eligible to apply for traffic controller accreditation)

Suitability Checks and Accreditation Fees
Accredited traffic controllers undertake a very important road safety function. To be suitable for the role, the person must be road safety conscious and be a responsible road user themselves. As a result, Transport and Main Roads (TMR) require applicants to pass a number of checks including:
• Criminal Offence history
• Traffic Offence history

For more information, refer to: Traffic Controller offence history and checking process
Medical Fitness Requirement – To be eligible as a traffic controller an applicant must satisfy medical fitness criteria relating to eyesight, hearing and speech, mobility endurance and concentration. For more information, refer to: Medical Fitness criteria

There is a fee of approximately $220.40 payable to TMR upon application for a three (3) year licence ($179.35 base fee and $41.05 criminal history check). These fees are set by TMR and are subject to change.