If you work or have worked in construction, Construction Skills Queensland funding is available!  

Unit CodeDescription CSQ Funded Amount
 RIIHAN301E  Operate elevating work platform   $    266.00 $        100.00
 RIIHAN309F  Conduct telescopic materials handler operations (Telehandler)   $    540.00 $        110.00
 RIIWHS202E  Enter and work in confined spaces  $    300.00 $            1.00
 RIIWHS204E  Work safely at heights  $    225.00 $          50.00
 RIIMPO317F  Conduct roller operations  $    500.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO318F  Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO319E  Conduct backhoe/loader operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO320F  Conduct civil construction excavator operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO321F  Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO323E  Conduct civil construction dozer operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO324F  Conduct civil construction grader operations  $    505.00 $        275.00
 RIIMPO326E  Conduct water vehicle operations  $    455.00 $        850.00
 RIIMPO337E  Conduct articulated haul truck operations  $    569.00 $    1,270.00
 RIIMPO338E  Conduct rigid haul truck operations  $    569.00 $    1,999.00
CPCCLDG3001Licence to perform dogging $964.00 $        285.00
CPCCLRG3001Licence to perform rigging basic level $1,249.00 $        550.00
CPCCLRG3002Licence to perform rigging intermediate level $1,307.00 $        390.00
CPCCLSF2001Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level $928.00 $        480.00
CPCCLSF3001Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding intermediate level $1,022.00 $        380.00
CPCCWHS1001Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (WHITE CARD) RTOs must be (and remain during the contract period) a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) authorised RTO to deliver this course. $    120.00 $          20.00
HLTAID011Provide first aid $108.00 $          50.00
TLID3035Operate a boom type elevating work platform (EWP Under 11m)  $326.00 $            1.00
TLILIC0002Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above) $1,159.00 $        340.00
TLILIC0003Licence to operate a forklift truck $451.00 $        130.00
TLILIC0005Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 meters or more) $528.00 $        160.00
TLILIC0008Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) $1,250.00 $        250.00
TLILIC0010Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes) $1,418.00 $        499.00
TLILIC0013Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes) $1,402.00 $       499.00

HLS Funded: Gap fee of $250

BSB41419Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $2,700
BSB50215Diploma of Business $2,938
BSB51319Diploma of Work Health and Safety $2,761
CPC40110Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) $5,670

For the purposes of eligibility, Participants under this Agreement must meet the following criteria: (a) an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or (b) a permanent resident of Australia; or (c) a refugee and humanitarian visa holder. AND MUST: (a) permanently reside in Queensland; or (b) be permanently employed in Queensland. Please note eligibility requirements below are specific to the qualifications you wish to undertake training in. Contact our team to confirm your eligibility.

  • An Existing Worker is a current Employee in the Building and Construction Industry who has a one month or more employment relationship with their Employer. The working relationship can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment or engagement as a contract worker.
  • An Eligible Worker has the same meaning as the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave Act 1991) (QLD) as amended from time to time.
  • An Unemployed Eligible Worker is a person who has been unemployed for a period of not greater than 4 years that would otherwise meet the requirements of an eligible worker.
  • A Career Seeker is an individual with significant previous experience, skills and knowledge within the Building and Construction industry, but is not an Existing Worker.

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