If you’re considering upskilling in construction, you may be able to receive support from Construction Skills Queensland. See all funded Short courses and Qualifications here

How to Enrol: Please phone our office on 1300 790 822 to discuss your Licensing and training requirements or contact our team

  • General: Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) assists the Queensland building and construction industry by providing funding through RTO’s such as Major Training Group for training and skills development. CSQ funds a variety of programs to reduce the cost for participants or their employers, including:
  • Skills Assessment and Gap Training: A program for new and existing workers with significant experience in the industry to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning and gap training to obtain a qualification.
  • Higher level skills: Training in Certificate IV qualifications, Construction Supervisors and Workplace health and safety.
  • Student Fee Contribution Assistance: assistance with tuitions fees as part of User Choice funded apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications.

Participant Eligibility:

An Existing Worker is a current Employee in the Building and Construction Industry who has a one month or more employment relationship with their Employer. The working relationship can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment or engagement as a contract worker.

An Unemployed Eligible Worker is a person who has been unemployed for a period of not greater than 6 months that would otherwise meet the requirements of an eligible worker.

Career Seeker: An individual with significant previous experience, skills and knowledge within the Building and Construction Industry, but is not an Existing Worker.

For the purposes of eligibility, Participants under this Agreement must meet the following criteria: (a) an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or (b) a permanent resident of Australia; or(c) a refugee and humanitarian visa holder. AND MUST: (a) permanently reside in Queensland; or (b) be permanently employed in Queensland.

  1. Skills assessment and gap training:

Some workers with civil construction industry experience have many of the necessary skills to perform on the job but do not hold a formal qualification to recognise these skills. Under this program, skills are identified, mapped and gap training is provided in order to provide eligible participants with a nationally recognised qualification. RPL may be granted for a number of units and participants will be required to participate in Gap training if they are unable to provide sufficient RPL information for specific units. RTO’s must provide participants with gap training in a minimum of two (2) gap training Competencies up to (8),

This is funded under the program up to 500 Nominal hours in total. Click here to view qualifications


2. Higher level Skills training 

The Higher Level Skills Training program is a Construction Skills Queensland and Queensland Government initiative which aims to retain the skills of existing workers in the building and construction industry by providing access to civil construction related Certificate IV and higher vocational training – Click here to view qualifications

Major acknowledges the funding provided by Construction Skills Queensland for all of these programs. Important Information

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