Mining industry

The mining industry can be competitive, but it’s also very rewarding. Providing high wages and career advancement opportunities, mining jobs offer many advantages once you’ve got a foot in the door. The mining industry is a massive employer in Australia, accounting for 1.9% of the total workforce according to labour market data.

Depending on the type of role you want to work in, you could be based in an office or on site. From project management to operating large machinery, mining jobs offer a diverse range of responsibilities. Mining professionals often work on fixed or rotating rosters in remote locations, requiring regular travel.

If you think you can handle the nature of mining work, studying mining and energy qualifications will help you gain access to entry-level opportunities. Learn how to get a job in the mines and kickstart your career with Major Training.

The Right Qualities

Physical Competence

Mining jobs can involve physical labour, requiring plenty of stamina from employees. Some roles in mining may also entail working in hazardous conditions, such as underground or with heavy machinery. Having the physical competence to demonstrate manual dexterity in these conditions is crucial to building a successful career in mining.

Commitment to Learning

The mining industry is evolving rapidly, so regular training is required for workers to stay up to date with the latest innovations. Familiarising yourself with advancements in mining technology as they emerge will ensure you can offer potential employees the most relevant knowledge and skills.

Communication Skills

Teamwork is an integral part of the mining industry. You may be required to collaborate with other workers to complete your assigned tasks safely. Having strong communication skills will give you the ability to work effectively as a team in any mining industry job.

Get Qualified

While it’s possible to work in the mining industry in some capacity without any formal training, getting qualified will improve your chances of securing employment. As mining jobs offer such high wages, job opportunities in this industry are highly sought after. Having a formal qualification will help you stand out from the crowd, giving you a competitive edge over other entry-level applicants.

Even if you already work in the mining industry, learning new skills could open doors to managerial roles. No matter where you want to take your mining career, earning a qualification will give you a chance to formalise your existing experience so you can prove your dedication.

Mining training courses are designed to prepare you for a range of work contexts in the mining industry. You’ll develop the skills needed to maintain productivity in open cut and quarry mines, allowing you to graduate with a diverse skillset. Whether you’re wondering how to become a dump truck driver in the mines, or you want to work your way up to mine manager, getting qualified is the best way to achieve your ambitions.

To learn more about the training opportunities on offer at Major Training, check out our mining and energy courses.