Dear stakeholders and influencers of industry,

As you would be aware, Careers Australia Group Limited (CAG) and its subsidiaries went into voluntary administration as of the 25th of May, 2017.  Major Training Group (MTG) can appreciate that you would have been inundated with requests from RTOs attempting to secure your business, promising the world without understanding the needs of the client, Trainee or Apprentice. We however would like to take a different approach. MTG and our staff believe the best foot forward through the CAG disaster is to strengthen relationships within the Education, Training and related sectors.  The ever increasing rate of RTO’s placing training and educational outcomes as a secondary priority over shareholder and owner profit is becoming quite the concern. The industry has been tainted from these, amongst other underhanded tactics that bring our whole industry into disrepute. An immediate change is needed!

The question we propose to you is “how do we influence change?”  Our simple response is through education that leads to solidifying stronger relationships. This requires all parties engaged within the training contract to have greater insight into how a service will be provided. To view the training contract that as more than black and white and to understand the mechanics behind the scenes, to understanding who (we are), what (they deliver), why (do they deliver), where (do they deliver) and how (flexible is the service). These five questions will better equip you to provide the right consultation to maintain client confidence within our industry. I’m sure in your agreeance that we need that above anything else more than ever!

We want to assist Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers, schools and stakeholders with an understanding to the who, what, where, why and how of Major Training Group. To provide you and your team with understanding the personalities, delivery model, focus, capabilities and strategic plan for the remaining of 2017 and beyond. After 19 years of operation within the private training sector we would thoroughly enjoy sharing our story of success with you and how we “make it happen”. To ensure the correct client referral to reputable RTO’s. We urge all training organisations to be taking this approach for the betterment of Apprentices, Trainees and industry as a whole. After all, they are the future leaders, life blood of industry and shapers of our economy for the coming years.

If what has been mentioned resonates with you and your opinion of an urgent need for change within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector then please make contact with the below listed Account/Business Development Managers. With campuses located within Yatala, Dinmore and Morayfield and staff that are highly accessible across all regions of South East Queensland, Darling Downs and South West, Wide Bay Burnett and remaining regions of Queensland we can work with you to schedule these appointments. Invitations are extended in the first instance to AASN’s, schools and stakeholders that have been affected within Business, Automotive, Engineering, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating, Construction and Civil Construction industries. Purely to gain insight into our business.

Campus tours, school meetings or client visits can be arranged and trainers can be made available upon request. We understand DET have suggested a deadline of 21 days before cancellations may be issued to active CAG training contracts not aligned to new training providers:

Gold Coast, Southern Brisbane Suburbs, Brisbane CBD, Redland Bay and Ipswich regions

Adam Chanter

ph: 0459 080 418



Northern Brisbane Suburbs, Brisbane CBD, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs and South West, Wide Bay Burnett and remaining regions of Queensland

Charlie Fetoai

ph: 0410 592 701



Thank you for taking the time to understand our position on the VET sector and this pivotal moment in time. We look forward to meeting with you and your team soon.


Warm Regards,

The Major Training Group team.