Your Guide to High Risk Licensing

Whether you’re working in construction or mining, or in a trade that requires high risk work (HRW), high risk licensing is something you will already be familiar with. However, if you’re new to workforce, you may be unaware of what sort of licence you need around a work site. Here’s the low down on high […]

UEE22020 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology

The UEE22020 Certificate II in Electrotechnology is your first step into an Electrotechnology career path.  This entry-level course will get you prepared for an apprenticeship in a range of electrical trade areas.  This Certificate II will open the opportunity to enrol in the UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician Apprenticeship. Both the Certificate II and III […]

MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways

Students at Major training have been busy this week getting stuck into their fully funded Certificate II in engineering pathways. Major Training is proud to partner with Energy Skills Queensland by running the Certificate II in Engineering pathways and helping students get into the engineering industry. Energy Skills Queensland (ESQ) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation […]

Types of Heavy Vehicles & How to Start Driving Them

If you not only dream big but want to drive even bigger, why not take up some heavy vehicle training? Whether you want to drive medium vehicles such as courier trucks, or have your sights set on the big rigs, Major Training offers a number of licences for heavy combination, medium rigs, muti combination vehicles, and more. What Is A Heavy Vehicle? […]

Major Changing the future of Training with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience that puts users in a computer-generated environment.  Over the past few months, trainers at Major have been trained in how to not only use VR but how to teach it to others. VR simulation training has now been implemented in several Major Training courses.  The courses that Major […]

New Technology to hit Australian Construction Sites

It’s no secret that there is a huge need for advanced technologies on job sites throughout the nation. This is exactly why Major is proud to partner with Trimble and SITECH® to bring a new type of training into the industry. Trimble offers a range of products that ensures work on construction sites is getting done faster and more […]

Benefits of CSQ Funding for Apprentices

Who is CSQ, and What is CSQ Funding? Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent, not-for-profit, industry-funded body that aims to support employees, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry. CSQ works to fund important courses and training to make it easier for tradesmen and their apprentices to upgrade their skills or […]

Types of Plant Operators & How to Become Qualified

Major Training has a long history within the construction industry. In fact, our formation resulted from our link to the plant operator industry! If you are looking to join the industry, we offer a range of Plant Operator Tickets that will qualify you to operate heavy vehicles.  Check out the full list of Plant Operator Tickets below, […]

Women In Industry Program

Major Training is proud to announce our new course being launched on April 28th that is targeted at women. The course will complete the RII20120 – Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation. Whilst other classes for this subject are available to everyone, this particular course is purely dedicated to helping women in the industry. […]

What a White Card Is and How to Get One

If you’re working or planning to work in the construction industry, you must have a White Card. A White Card is proof that you have completed a General Construction Induction course. The White Card covers the unit of competency CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry.  Who Needs a White Card?   Anyone working […]

Getting A Truck License

Becoming a “truckie” is a great way to see the country, with high levels of job security, great salary, and flexible working hours – plus, you’ll be contributing to crucial supply chains across Australia.  By obtaining a truck license, you will be able to take on roles that you may not have ever considered before, […]

CSQ 2021/2022 Funding now available

If you work or have worked in construction, Construction Skills Queensland funding is available!   Unit Code Description  CSQ Funded Amount   STUDENT GAP FEE    RIIHAN301E   Operate elevating work platform    $    266.00  $        100.00  RIIHAN309F   Conduct telescopic materials handler operations (Telehandler)    $    540.00  $        110.00  RIIWHS202E   Enter and work in confined spaces   $    300.00  $            1.00  RIIWHS204E  […]

Scraper School

Samlon Earthmoving & Major Training Group have created a new training program specifically to upskill potential workers to fill the skills shortage of scraper operators in Queensland. • 6 places per course • Courses start every 3 weeks. • Sign up to the 4 day ‘scraper school’ course & successfully undertake & complete training for […]

Looking of way to get your foot in the door for an electrical apprenticeship?

Join Major Trainings’ New Pre-Trade Career Start Electro Program! If you are looking to become a qualified electrician, this pathway course in UEE22011 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) is a pre-apprenticeship program to UEE30811 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician qualification. This program will provide you with hands-on practical training. Key information: UEE22011 Certificate […]

The Benefits of Doing a Short Course

Want to get qualified fast? Short courses at Major Training allow for rapid upskilling. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, or you want to study something new, short training courses could be the key to quickly unlocking your capabilities and career potential. Major Training provides short courses near Brisbane that build skills and knowledge […]

Tips for Working Safely at Heights

Working at heights can be incredibly risky, but there are ways to minimise the hazards. Whether you’re a worker or site supervisor, knowing how to work safely at heights should be your top priority. Here are some tips and training options for working safely at heights. Manage Onsite Risks Do what you can to mitigate […]

Resume Tips for Tradies

If you want the best chance of landing a job, your tradie resume needs to highlight your skills, personality and passion for the role you’re applying for. Having a great resume (even if you don’t have much industry experience) can set you apart from other applicants, especially in highly competitive fields. Find out how to […]

How to Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

At Major Training, our goal is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications you need to take the next step in your career. So, when students with prior learning start training with us – and they can prove they already have some relevant skills or knowledge – they may be eligible to get […]

How to Get a School-Based Apprenticeship

If you haven’t finished high school yet but want to start working, doing a school-based apprenticeship will give you a chance to earn while you learn. This pathway allows you to develop skills and gain access to a network of professionals in your field without compromising your education. School-based apprenticeships are like standard apprenticeships but […]

How to Get a Job at the Mines

The mining industry can be competitive, but it’s also very rewarding. Providing high wages and career advancement opportunities, mining jobs offer many advantages once you’ve got a foot in the door. The mining industry is a massive employer in Australia, accounting for 1.9% of the total workforce according to labour market data. Depending on the […]

How to Become an Engineer

Engineers are highly regarded professionals in Australia and worldwide. Responsible for making the world a safer and more efficient place, they play an integral role in advancing living standards. If you’re interested in learning how to become an engineer – whether electrical, civil, mechanical or chartered – discover the necessary education, requirements and steps to […]

How to Become a Truck Driver

Looking to have a career in transportation? Truck drivers are in high demand in Australia as road freight increases in importance and current drivers head into retirement. The trucking industry is an exciting field to work in that involves so much more than simply driving a heavy vehicle. As a truck driver, you are responsible […]

How to Become a Scaffolder

Have you got what it takes to work as a scaffolder? Scaffolding is a demanding and exhilarating job that requires a keen sense of balance, good hand-eye coordination and the ability to work well at heights. Due to the nature of the profession – working at heights, operating with tools, chemicals and heavy objects – […]

How to Become a Certified Rigger

If you enjoy practical outdoor work, are good with your hands and can handle heights with ease, you might be suited to becoming a rigger. Riggers are skilled tradesmen who specialise in moving machinery, structural steel and other heavy objects around worksites by using rigging gear such as pulleys, winches, cables and ropes. They play […]

How to Become a Plant Operator

If you’re considering a career in plant operations, Major Training can help you get qualified. Whether you want to operate excavators on building sites or drive dump trucks at the mines, our civil construction plant operations courses can qualify you for a range of career pathways.   Learn more about what’s involved with working as […]

Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) extension has been announced!

The BAC has been announced to expand for a full 12 months for new apprentices and trainees signed up prior to 30 September 2021. It is estimated that this demand driven expansion will generate around 70,000 new apprentice and trainee places, with the Government investing around $1.2 billion.  As an employer if you engage an […]

The Future of the Construction Industry Post-Pandemic

Wondering what lies ahead for the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19? Despite the challenges the industry has faced during the pandemic, the future looks bright for those working in construction. There are a number of positive trends beginning to emerge, including new construction industry jobs, as new ways of living and working remotely […]

Heroes in Transport

The transport industry plays a vital role in keeping Australia running smoothly. Without a reliable transport system, the nation would ground to a halt. The men and women who work in this sector are responsible for transporting everything from food and medical supplies to building materials and retail products. They are the unsung heroes who […]

How to Choose the Right Trade

Can’t decide which trade to do? It’s important to choose a career path that caters for your strengths and ambitions. Whether you’re looking for the best trades in Australia for wages, work life balance, advancement opportunities, or industry growth, there are many considerations to keep in mind when trying to answer the “what trade should […]

How to Become a Crane Operator

Crane operators are responsible for using stationary and mobile cranes to lift heavy objects. They can find employment in several industries, including construction, manufacturing and transportation. If you enjoy working with heavy machinery and want to increase your earning potential, you may be suited to a career as a crane operator. Making a mistake while […]

The Benefits of Doing a Mature-Aged Apprenticeship

If you’re thinking of changing careers, a mature-aged apprenticeship can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. Also known as adult apprenticeships, mature-aged apprenticeships provide training opportunities to people over the age of 21. Offering similar training requirements and conditions, they’re almost identical to standard apprenticeships but have some differences relating to financial incentives. […]

5 Types of Engineering

Interested in a career in engineering but not sure which area to specialise in? Education requirements for engineering apprenticeships can vary depending on your chosen specialisation, so it’s crucial to consider your options carefully.  If you’re not sure how to guide your career in the right direction, learn more about the different types of engineering […]

How to Become a Civil Construction Supervisor

Civil construction supervisors are responsible for the management and supervision of infrastructure and building projects. This position plays a key role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of tradespeople on job sites, so it comes with a high level of responsibility. If you’re looking for civil construction jobs with leadership obligations, reaching a supervisory role […]

How to Become a Builder

Interested in a career in construction? There are several pathways to become a professional builder in Australia. Whether you want to be a licenced builder, site supervisor or construction manager, you’ll need specific qualifications and licences to kickstart your career. From assessing a site’s suitability and applying for permits, to undertaking the practical work involved […]

Tips for Starting Your Own Trade Business

Many tradies dream of being their own boss one day. Once you’ve finished your apprenticeship and gained some experience, opening a small business is a great way to work on your own terms. However, starting a trade business isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re wondering how to set up as a sole […]

The Most In-Demand Trades in Australia

Not sure which trade offers the best employment opportunities? If you’re thinking of doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, choosing a field with high demand will give you greater job security. Australia needs skilled workers across a range of industries, so there are plenty of promising career pathways to choose from. According to the Department of […]

Young Women Entering the Industry by Storm

“Just do it, you won’t regret it. You need to try to see if it’s something you have a passion for. Don’t be afraid to get of your comfort zone and try something new, you may just end up loving it.” [Ellie] Many women would be intimidated by the thought of working in the civil […]

Trade Ready – Motiv8

For the past 3 weeks, Major Training Group has partnered up with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), Protech, and Australian Training Works (ATW) to deliver a successful Trade Ready Program. Trade Ready has been designed to give individuals a better understanding of the construction industry and the work that’s involved so that they can make an […]

One Truck Licence Closer to the Fight of Gender Equality

I completely changed careers, a lot of it had to do with coronavirus, but I realised I needed a change” From studying a linguistics degree, working in education with students, and being a performer in Indigenous dance, we met Sharman when she jumped into one of our trucks to do her HR licence. She was so […]

2020/2021 Construction Skills Queensland funding is now available

Funding is available from the 1st October & we are taking applications now. SHORT COURSES AVAILABLE Civil Courses (No Limit within reason except can only choose 3 machinery tickets in this funding round) Unit Code Description CSQ Funded Amount  Student Gap Fee – per person  RIICOM301D Communicate information $225.00 $1.00 RIICOM301E Communicate information $225.00 $1.00 RIIHAN301E […]